Learn to Sail at SOSA this summer!

* Sunday drop in sailing lessons will be starting July 14, 11am - 3pm. Any members or students in Learn to Sail programs, interested in learning to race, Cansail certified Coaches will be running short race clinic before racing, and on hand to supervise and coach on the water. 12 and under must be accompanied by parent or caregiver. This is not aggressive racing - we just want to offer an opportunity to all sailors to learn a bit more about sailing, and try some new things. Cost is $20 per person, payable on the day. Please email sosalts@gmail.com for more info. No drop in on July 21 due to regatta.

Classes are offered for all ages and all levels of sailing. Learn to sail in our fleet of Bugs, Picos,Lasers and 420's.

What to bring to sailing classes:

Please bring your own PFD or life jacket, appropriate clothing and footwear, snack, water bottle, hat and sunscreen. Appropriate clothing means beach shorts, sun tops, hat, footwear that does not come off in the water - crocs, water shoes, canvas sneakers. Bring a towel, a change of clothes if you get wet, a sweater and tights if you get cold, raingear if it is raining, Tech fabrics are better (polyester, lycra etc) Cotton gets wet and stays wet which can make you cold. You don't need to spend a fortune, just sensible water and weather appropriate clothing.

Learn to Sail Registration now online.

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Wetfoot is for the young sailor who has just started out. Children will be sharing the Bugs, the smallest class of sailboat, and accompanied on the water by the coaches for a safe, fun introduction to sailing. If the wind is up - coaches will take the children in small groups on the bigger boats. By the end of the week, the children have learnt the basics of steering and sail handling, and want to come back for more!

Junior Sailing is perfect for the child who has done Wetfoot once or twice, is feeling confident about being on the water, but still needs close supervision to feel totally comfortable sailing. They can sail alone or in a boat with other kids, and try out some other boats. They can learn to capsize in a closely monitored group, and usually end up capsizing just for fun! This is also a suitable class for an older child who does not feel quite ready for the CanSail tests. Junior Sailors is all about sailing and having fun.

CanSail 1 is the introductory Sailing course. If a child has had 2-3 years of Wetfoot and Junior Sailors and are a confident sailor, they can do Cansail 1 at 10 years old. Otherwise, students can do Cansail 1 at 12-Adult. Learn to steer, handle sails, capsize, get to know all the parts of a boat - all under the watchful eye of our certified coaches.

All Cansail 1 Weekly Courses run Monday to Friday - either 9-12 or 1-4 and NEW this year - Adult evening course - this will be held 1 day a week for 7 weeks - to give you a better chance to get on the water. (COURSE FULL)

CanSail 2 is the continuation of the training - learn more advanced skills and boat handling. Work towards getting the Cansail 2 Level - you may have to take this course more than once to achieve all the skills, but you will learn more every time you sail, and will become more confident with more time on the water. A full week of sailing will teach you the skills to sail more confidently on your own!

CanSail 3/4 is an advanced course for the keen sailor. Learn race skills, trapeze, wind and weather skills, and of course - LOTS more sailing! Generally you work on your Cansail 3 in first, then repeat the course the following season to achieve Cansail 4.

Course schedule, application and payments can be found in the right column.