Save our Docks Steak Dinner Fundraiser
** Postponed until spring 2018 **

Our dock is a huge centre piece to our club. It has so many uses and is enjoyed by all.

Unfortunately, extreme damage was caused by the very high lake levels and storms we experienced this spring. This caused sections of our dock to come loose and float away.

So many children have swam and jumped off this dock. Sunbathers enjoy it because sun comes from all angles. This dock is also a safe haven for someone to tie their boat to after a crazy wind.

We need a dock to bring our club back to its full capabilities. We are two weeks into our lessons and we miss having our dock dearly. And right now it is a safety hazard.

We hope to raise money to help with the costs of repairing our dock.

Any additional support is deeply appreciated and we hope we can this will be a fun event for all who attend!

Please contact Gemma Watts FMI.

Dock Fundraiser SOSA Summerland