S.O.S.A. - Boat share Co-Op program

Boat Share unavailable at this time.


The Co-op program, in addition to Sosa's constitution, provides an opportunity for members to develop skills in handling, care and maintenance of small sailboats.

Co-op members are expected to assist with the organization, documentation, safety, repairs and maintenance of the Co-op boats.

The Co-op membership is $75 in addition to other applicable membership dues and requirements. Small parts may also need to be supplied by Co-op members. The cost is not anticipated to be significant.

Boat share Co-op fleet

  • 3 sailboats: Invitation, Laser, Hobie 16
  • 2 SUPs
  • A Heritage 15 Rowing skiff
  • Two sit-on kayaks

Member responsibilities

16 years of age or older. Guests under this age may accompany the co-op member on the same boat. Co-op members shall accept the full responsibility for the conduct and safety of the Guests. Sailing qualification shall be Cansail ll. or Whitesail III. Or you may demonstrate proficiency to the Sosa Executive, and have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You must be confident in the present conditions. You must wear an approved life jacket. Your boat must have a bailer and a paddle. Let someone know your itinerary. Log your use and any issues or damage. Repair boats as required. Abstain from using alcohol, drugs or banned substances prior to or during use of boats.

The success of the Boat share Co-op program depends on the participants. The assistance required is above the requirements of regular membership.