About S.O.S.A.

SOSA was first incorporated in 1960 sailing out of Naramata before moving to its present location in Summerland in the mid-1960's.

Membership is open to anyone - you do not need to own a sailboat to become a member. We are a dinghy club but also welcome kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and wind surfers. We are a non-profit society that is member driven, relying on volunteer participation from its membership to operate.

As stated in our constitution our objectives are:

  • To encourage and promote sailing, boating and yachting and the handling of small craft generally
  • To instruct its members in sailing and seamanship
  • To stimulate and promote sailing competition
  • To promote sportsmanship, leadership, mental and physical development in our youth by encouraging their athletic endeavors particularly sailing

We have storage space on the grounds and in the compound for dinghy sailboats and non-powered small watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and sailboards. Only boats that are actively used can be stored on the grounds.

SOSA Executive 2021

  • Acting Commodore : Peter Hatche
  • Vice Commodore : (vacant)
  • Treasurer : Pamela Hinchliffe
  • Secretary : Skyeler Folks
  • Learn to Sail : Sandra Chalmers
  • Fleet Captain : Stefan Arnason
  • Boats Maintenance : Lyle Thiede
  • Social Director : Suzanne Hatcher
  • Membership Director : Dave Spear
  • Buildings and Grounds : Andre O'Brien